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Coocoo April 20, 2007

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19th April. Heard the coocoo for the first time this year. Perhaps he’ll drop by one day soon, he usually haunts the walnut trees in the courtyard.


april, weekk 1 and 2 April 17, 2007

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Asphodels in flower, white and pink, profuse and about a metre tall in the woods.

7th April

Always a delight to see the house martens back, they fly through the tiny gap over the doors into the barn without so much as touching the breaks, as if hurrying home from the shops. They’re very busy in the muddy patch where the ducks have dabbled up the grass.

14th April

Today I have been visited by a hoopoe, very priveledged. By the time I had grabbed the camera, he’d gone. Hopefully he’ll be back.


March, week 3,4. April 6, 2007

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The woods filled with Pyrenean hyacinth (hyacinthus amethystinus) .


March, week 1, 2.

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The first flights of geese, several hundred at a time, pass overhead.

Fields of wild daffodils (narcissus pseudonarcissus) at Castet.

Groups of hoop petticoat (bulbocodium) narcissus


February, week 3,4.

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Wild snowdrops in profusion

Hellebores (helleborus foetidus)

The first flight of cranes (going north!), a hundred or so, 26th February.

Dog toothed violets (erythronium dens-canis)